[CQ-Contest] Tossing meaningless categories [was: Log checking questions]

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Fri Dec 16 16:59:55 EST 2005

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dezrat1242 at ispwest.com writes:

>>1. A strictly limited hardware setup, much like the WRTC contest for 
those who prefer to focus on the traditional style of contesting. One 
radio, no packet or telnet, one antenna per band, etc.<<

Well, you have WRTC for that.
Ham radio contesting is technical sport. It is your station (technology), you 
the operator (skill, knowledge). We have limit on hardware in the power limit 
and categories. The rest is use your brains and skills and knowledge to build 
better station than competition. Otherwise where do we stop? Spark, hand key, 
dipole, bla, bla (insert your personal category)? Where is the line for 
"traditional contesting"?
So enough already! There is internet "contesting" with superequal "equipment" 
if you want it, make the rules and see the hordes comes. Have a contest there 
with real time score reporting. No need for no stinkin equipment and "rich" 
guys dominating it.

You have the "wheelchair" categories in other contests like WPX 
CQ WW has matured to world premier contest, lets make it better and more 
equal (and sane) with 1 point for domestic, two for own continent and three points 
for outside of continent QSO. Record integrity will be maintained, incentive 
to operate increased for most populous countries and less bias in scoring.

73 Yuri, K3BU

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