[CQ-Contest] Hamation / Shack-LAN

William Hein Bill at NT1Y.com
Fri Dec 16 19:54:47 EST 2005

Anyone out there in contest station land use any of the Shack-LAN equipment?


Seems to have some very advanced and useful features (using a LAN to control
antenna switches, etc.).  I can't seem to find any reviews or user reports
anywhere (tried Google).  Not listed in the eHam reviews.  Is this stuff
still on the drawing board.

I sent an email to Hamation but have not heard back.  No phone number listed
on their Website.


William Hein, NT1Y
10 Clark Road
Topsham VT 05076-3086

Bill at NT1Y.com   www.NT1Y.com   FN34vd 

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