[CQ-Contest] Tossing meaningless categories [was:Logcheckingquestions]

steve@stevebb.com steve at stevebb.com
Sat Dec 17 13:31:52 EST 2005

>No, Bill,  my focus is a blend of both personal skill and station design.
>Note the '(LP/HP/QRP)' sub-categories.
>73, de Hans, K0HB

You have captured that well Hans, I too would like to see an LP/QRP category 
for  "assisted". It took me 40 minutes to bust a pileup using low power for 
a new zone in the last contest while "High Power assisted" usually gets the 
DX in one or two calls - yet we both get judged in the same category !!

Have a Happy Christmas everyone,

Steve  G4KIV

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