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Have you considered getting a PCMCIA Parallel port card?

73, Yngvi TF3YH


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Hello all,

After 19 years using CT I was forced to look for another application, new
high-end notebook doesn't have PARALLEL ports and many, and mine are not
exception, doesn't have SERIAL ports, every peripheral is controlled via USB
ports, and CTWIN doesn't support COM port keying, which can be a solution by
using a USB to RS-232 converter, also because de COM port keying limitation,
CTWIN will not accept any WinKey base hardware such as microHAM Micro keyer
that create virtual COMs ports to Control several devices via a single USB
port  which also has other nice features such as electronic keyer control,
opto insulation and PTT activation for digital modes and linear amplifiers.,
also virtual DVK operation is fully controlled by this wonderful device.

To overcome the CTWIN limitations, sadly I looked for other applications to
replace it, and N1MM seemed like a good replacement, but after the CQWW CW I
wasn't impressed, so the search began again, and I found what could be a
good application, this application is Win-Test, but this is not a freeware
software, so I would like to know if any one in the list has run Win-Test on
an high-end notebook and what are his/her opinion and experience with it.

The Win-Test information at their site http://www.win-test.com/ looks
promising but I have never heard any thing about it, I'm particularly
interesting in the performance of Win-Test running in a P-IV computer with a
Hyper Trading processor, MicroHAM's Micro keyer, and Yaesu's family of
FT-1000MP radios, this combination didn't work well with N1MM because the
link between N1MM and the microHAM USB Device Router was lost several times
during the contest, up to the point on which I was forced to deactivate the
CAT control on N1MM to prevent having to close and restart both N1MM and the
USB device router to re-establish the link.

Have a very nice weekend.

73/DX Jose M. Valdes R. (Joe) YV5LIX
eQSL.cc Advisory Board Member
QSL manager EA7FTR
VHF Packed: 145.430 using C YV5LIX

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