[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria - Was WRTC 2006 - Where are all the people?

Jim George n3bb at mindspring.com
Sun Dec 18 09:23:24 EST 2005

Certainly Ken, K6LA, is a first rate contester.  No doubt about 
that.  Further, building and maintaining an elite contest station on 
eastern PEI is extremely difficult (kudos to both Ken and Jeff), however 
Dan makes a very good point here.  Is there a limit on the number points 
which can be earned from operations in other Regions?  Should an applicant 
be permitted to apply for WRTC with all, or a majority of his credited 
results, outside his Region?

This is a policy matter for the organizers.  Taken to an extreme, one could 
apply for and win a WRTC competitor slot from a "home Region"and never 
operate in his/her "home" region.  Certainly that's not fair to the 
"native" competitors in that region.  And what about the "native" residents 
in the other Regions?  There would seem to be a limit on the credits one 
can earn from outside one's own Region, however it is defined.

It's easy for me.  All I have to do is to outscore other "natives" like 
N9RV, N2IC, K5GN, K5TR, and N5RZ here in US-Central (huge grin)!

Jim N3BB

At 12:02 AM 12/18/2005 -0800, Dan Craig N6MJ wrote:
>K6LA wrote:
>  >As far as the US West entries go, N6MJ is ahead of me by 17.15 points.
>  >Four of his best 8 contests for WRTC consideration are from the 4 hour
>  >NA Sprint.  Only one of mine is. So for operating 12 hours, Dan gets
>  >about 50 points on me for my 100+ hours of operating in more popular
>  >(by entries) contests.  This is not to denigrate Dan's contesting
>  >skills in any way. It is just an  example of what I perceive as the
>  >inherent lack of fairness in the selection  criteria. I'll have to
>wait >and see if there is another higher scoring US West entry that
>bounces >me from #2.
>Ken fails to mention that 5 of his 8 scores are from his VY2TT/SS
>operations.  All 8 of mine come from W6.  How many serious operations
>are there from Canada for each contest?  2 or 3 at most.  How many
>serious operations are on during the Sprints from the west coast?  7 or
>8.  Just as an example, during WPX CW 2004, there were a grand total of
>5 VE scores in the SOABHP category.  He still got 500 pts for that
>contest, even though he only had to compete against 4 other guys.
>The great thing about the sprint is that all the "big guns" get on for
>it.  There is never a lack of competition.  You really have to earn
>those points.
>Dan N6MJ

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