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Subject: [CQ-Contest] NOT IN THE CONTEST Operating

> If casual operators who are NOT IN THE CONTEST stop operating in the
> contest, the contest will be a lot LESS FUN for anyone who IS in the
> contest.
> If you are NOT IN THE CONTEST, which means you are not planning to submit
> log to the contest organizers, you can do anything you want to within the
> FCC rules (or rules of the governing body of your country) to add to your
> operating ENJOYMENT, because you are only operating for FUN and not to
> Clearly, if you are NOT IN THE CONTEST, there is no need whatsoever to
> follow the rules of the contest, as long as you are following the FCC
> Maybe you just want to get WAS or DXCC. Maybe you want to test a new
> antenna. Maybe you like giving out points. Maybe you like the smoke and
> mirrors mystery of how radio works.
> There is no convoluted logic at all in saying if you are NOT IN THE
> you don't need to follow the rules of the contest. You are only bound by
> FCC rules.
> 73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT
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