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Mon Dec 19 01:29:04 EST 2005

WOW I'm impressed I've been awarded the silliest comment of the year award and been called ""amazingly
It has been pointed out during this thread it would be nice before you guys make comments try reading first. 2 of the biggest spotters were KT3Y & K1TTT, hardly casual contesters. Those are both big contesters and know the rules.
Now who are all these casual contesters everyone keeps referring to? The contest which is currently being discussed Stew Perry, a 160 meter contest. 160 meters is a 'man's' band. It is not a band for rejects from CB or guys who can only pass a test by memorizing the answers in a Q&A pool. Casual operators don't sit for hour after hours spotting 160 meters. Casual operators don't usually have 160 meter antennas mainly because of the size of a 160 meter aerial. Compromise aerials don't usually work very well on 160 either for receiving or transmitting.
Why so much defending of casual operators, who don't really exist? Why so much defending the principle I can do whatever I want whenever I want? This thread started out with questions about cheating during contests.
"Me thinks thou(you) protest/defend to much"

My final comment this time on this subject.
Merry Christmas

MAL              N7MAL
Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia
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  "It doesn't say it's OK to spot if you are not actually in the contest."

  This has to be the silliest comment posted on CQ-Contest for the year 2005.

  How do contest rules apply in any way to someone who is *"not actually in
  the contest"* ?

  I hope that common sense and logic will begin to prevail in 2006.

  MX & HNY to all!

  Bob W5OV

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