[CQ-Contest] WRTC issues...

Hrvoje Horvat hrle at ipazin.net
Mon Dec 19 05:45:04 EST 2005

Problems would be way easier if the WRTC selection criteria was given well
in advance...

Then teams like RU1A, RW2F, UU7J would have a chance to "produce" operator
for WRTC - RW1AC would have worked that one more single op entry, Ken, K6LA
would maybe participate more serious in Sprints and Dan, N6MJ would maybe
travel to VE.

Now, we're thrown into criteria after all the contests are gone and everyone
is trying to force organizers to change something in their advantage and we
fight over just about anything.

It would be perfect like in any other big projects - european, world,
olympics and other championships to know the way to qualify well in advance.

Unfortunatly WRTC is stucked in basic problems - we only have an idea that
after Brazil next WRTC will be 2010 (even that is not 100%) and nothing
else - organizers, criteria and other standards still unknown.

Organizers of the next event should be known when WRTC 2006 ends and so for
the selection criteria - that would help everybody to adjust and start of
the real battles that would last for years! But I see this as an impossible
thing to happen.

Untill that happens the factor named luck will play a big role.

I'm lucky that 3 young teams are introduced, that WAE is in calculations,
that they chose 22 on 31st Dec 2005 as an age limit - just too many

If some improvements in this field wont be introduced in next WRTCs I fear
it may cause lot of new fights, disagreements and ending of a great project.

This is just something that repeats from WRTC to WRTC.

73 and happy contesting in 2006!

Hrle - 9A6XX

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