[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Mon Dec 19 16:44:33 EST 2005

> WOW I'm impressed I've been awarded the silliest comment of the year award
> and been called ""amazingly
> fallacious.""

I can't think of anyone more worthy!

> It has been pointed out during this thread it would be nice before you
> guys make comments try reading first. 2 of the biggest spotters were KT3Y
> & K1TTT, hardly casual contesters. Those are both big contesters and know
> the rules.

When it comes to stew perry, and any other cw contest where I don't have a
guest op, I am a casual contester.  I was not entering the sp test, nor
would I even send in a checklog since I didn't even bother copying most of
the exchanges.  And yes, I know the sp rule about no packet, which is
another reason I wouldn't ever seriously participate in it.  but there is no
rule that says a non-entrant can't spot people in the contest... nor could
there ever be for any contest.  That type of rule is just about as possible
as your call to shutdown the network during contests!

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