[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2006 - Where are all the people?

Zoli Pitman HA1AG ha1ag at myway.com
Mon Dec 19 17:29:49 EST 2005

Dear all, 

Referring to Yuri's post I have to mention is actually that (the 50% limit of M/S scores in ranking) is the point I found the most controversial among the rules and the one I oppose the most.

I oppose it in general because WRTC is truly a MO competition and this point seems to get missed during the selection criteria definition when this rule was added. 

In addition, in Central EU the traditional way of contesting is multi-Op. See the tough competition in M/S and M/2 classes in the region. It is mostly based on the old, by now almost extinct club station system and also on the fact that most ops can't afford to build up a competitive station on EU scale. In addition club stations are social focal points what most people prefer to lonesome contesting. Even many of those who could afford to pursue SO successes. 

Thus due to this 50% limit the selection from the region would be biased and the most likely passing candidates from Central and Eastern EU would be: 

- a few fortunate guys who can afford to travel regularly as SO (=rent-a-QTH) or even fewer but not less fortunate guys who have built (or "privitized") club-grade contest stations

- those who claim to be SOs in major contests while actually MOs (see top IARU scores), and will have enough qualifying points next to their MO scores. 

So actually I will be one of those who won't bother to compile any application due to be MO only but anyway, what the heck, life will go on even without me in WRTC-06. :)

73, zoli ha1ag 

> My point regarding M/S:> For instance - RW1AC is one of
> the main operators at RU1A. he only did 3 SO contests in 
> the last few years, all of them being winning> scores in 
> WAE Contests. And because the limit to M/S scores is only 
> 4 , he can submit only 7 scores instead of 8. He was a 
> part of 3 previous WRTC, but he will probably miss this 
> WRTC because of that.
> Some great ops from RU1A, RW2F or UU7J (to name a few)
> won't be able to make it as well as some other guys who 
> spent more time doing Multi Op rather than Single Op.

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