[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Russell Hill rustyhill at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 19 18:48:06 EST 2005

I have finally figured out how we can handle all this:

You look on K1TTT's analysis to find out who the Casual Contesters were who 
used Packet/Telnet (Gasp!) who did not submit logs and THOUGHT they did 
"not" enter the contest and you DQ them from the contest they thought they 
did not enter.

They you remove all contacts with the DQed Casual Contesters from all the 
logs of the REAL Contesters who sent in logs.

Then you can apply the standard 3 QSO penalty for each QSO with all those 
who logged contacts with the misbehaving Casual Contesters.

At this point most entrants likely have a net total QSO score of some 
negative value, so their scores will end up a negative value.  Now they can 
also be DQed from the contest.

In case there any entrants left standing who actually still have a positive 
score they can be declared the winners.  It should be a short list.

Just to make sure the word gets out, a list of all the offending Casual 
Contesters who broke the rules of a contest they THOUGHT they did not enter 
could be published so that all the REAL Contesters can refuse to work them 
in the future.  That oughtta teach them to break the rules!!



Rusty, na5tr

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>> Here is rule 3 for Stew Perry:
>> ""3. Categories: Single operator or multi-operator.  Remote or packet
>>    spotting shall not be used.  All transmitting and receiving antennas
>>    used must be within 100 km of each other.""
>> It clearly says no packet spotting, It doesn't say it's OK to spot if you
>> are not actually in the contest. At some point the contest rules must 
>> mean
>> something.
> Joe Sixpack Non-Contester is in the family room on Saturday evening trying
> to watch TV, but the XYL is wrapping Xmas gifts and generally obstructing
> his sight lines, so he heads over to the shack and notices all the 
> activity
> on 160.  Cool!  He makes a few contacts, spots some loud ones on the local
> cluster.  He doesn't know about no steenking stewperry contest, let alone
> the rules.
> Pretty damned arrogant if you think he should follow the rules of a 
> contest
> he's not a part of.
> What are you going to do, DQ him?  Don't take this hobby so seriously!
> 73, de Hans, K0HB
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