[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Michael Tope W4EF at dellroy.com
Mon Dec 19 21:15:18 EST 2005

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From: "Zack Widup" <w9sz at prairienet.org>

> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Ed K1EP wrote:
>> If I am in a contest that requires serial numbers (or grids, or first
>> names) and if I work someone, casual or not, I have to put something in
>> the log.   I can't just make something up.
> Why not?
> Now, IF the exchange you sent affects the other person's scoring (e.g.
> giving the wrong state in SS or the wrong grid in VHF contests) I consider
> that to be unethical.  But if what you're sending (e.g. serial number or
> name) has no bearing on the other guy's score, it seems irrelevant to me.
> I've often considered getting in on a contest that requires serial
> numbers about an hour after it started and then doing S&P, giving people
> serial numbers in the thousands, and then not sending in a log. That
> should raise a few eyebrows!  :-)
> 73, Zack W9SZ

Just for the record, when I made my comments earlier about non-entrants
doing whatever they wanted in a contest, I was referring to activities which
could not be construed as disruptive to the rest of the 
I would consider purposefully not QSYing in the Sprint (when you know
better) to be rude and disruptive (not to be confused with the uninitiated
who Joe Ham who is making a good faith effort to hand out QSOs, but isn't
aware of the Sprint QSY rule). Making up ridiculous serial numbers should
probably be in that category as well although one can argue that this is 
since if forces operators to copy what was sent rather than what they
expected to be sent. That doesn't mean that the contest sponsors have any
recourse if non-entrants behave badly (you can't DQ someone unless they
send in a log), it just means that behaving badly just because you can isn't
good practice. Using packet in a contest which doesn't allow entrants to
use packet in my opinion won't disrupt the contest unless you count the
packet pileups, but these should be small if the bulk of the participants 
aiming to submit an entry.

73 Mike, W4EF..................................

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