[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Richard DiDonna NN3W NN3W at prodigy.net
Mon Dec 19 23:26:01 EST 2005

I always thought it'd be humorous to submit a CQWW 
score with 18 QSOs, 6 country multipliers, and 18 zone 
multipliers for a net score of Zero.  Actually, if you 
were up in Canada, you could do 24 Qs, 6 country 
mults, and 24 zone multipliers for a net score of Zero.

73 Rich NN3W
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>From: "Russell Hill" <rustyhill at earthlink.net>
>> At this point most entrants likely have a net total 
QSO score of some
>> negative value, so their scores will end up a 
negative value.
>I'll sponsor the plaque for this category next year.
>"Lowest score by a station not competing in a contest 
who doesn't submit a 
>Blake N4GI 
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