[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Ron Notarius WN3VAW wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Dec 20 00:22:37 EST 2005

One year during the Pa QSO Party, back in the Jurassic era... er, circa
1980... a couple of us at the Penn State club station ran K3CR multi/multi.
One station dedicated SSB, one CW.  We probably would have been better off
just running separate serial numbers for each mode, but instead, we decided
to start SSB at "1" and CW at "1001."  (Why?  I don't remember now if we
flipped a coin or figured there'd be less arguing on CW... something along
those lines, anyway).  Drove a few contesters batty, but no fuss from the
contest organizers.

In the 1990 contest, I ran portable in Somerset County.  Sometime early
Sunday, 10 & 15 were open to EU, and I worked a bunch of stations, including
many in a UK contest (UK Field Day springs to mind, but off hand, I don't
recall).  The first few stations I started with SN 1, but keeping track of
two sets of SN's was too big a pain -- especially sitting at a card table in
the woods logging on paper (laptop?  in 1990?  surely you jest... sorry,
you're not joking & I won't call you Shirley) so I just gave them the same
SN I was using for PaQP.  A few asked, I explained, no one had a problem
with it, and I never heard a beef from anyone about it either.

This year, at the W4ZE/3 M/M effort, the two stations were linked, and each
gave out the next consecutive number.  The software wasn't perfect, so some
numbers were skipped, a few were duplicated, and someone who wasn't paying
attention and just assumed that they got the next sequential one were in for
a surprise.  No squawking on that one... yet.

Unless a contest specifies you start at "01" and/or issue numbers
sequentially... as long as the other guy copies the SN you sent, isn't that
what should count?  (Although using a computer to randomly issue numbers out
of sequence will drive everyone nutz, you know... or is that the point?)

73, ron wn3vaw

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> I've often considered getting in on a contest that requires serial
> numbers about an hour after it started and then doing S&P, giving people
> serial numbers in the thousands, and then not sending in a log. That
> should raise a few eyebrows!  :-)

Is there any rule that says serial numbers have to start at 001, or that
you can't "jump" a few hundred during the contest?  (Probably will be now,
if there isn't already!)

I've sometimes thought that'd be a great "psych-war" tactic to demoralize
your section competition in SS!

Beep         beep
de Hans, K0HB

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