[CQ-Contest] Stew Perry, CWAC'd

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Tue Dec 20 05:50:05 EST 2005

--- Patrick Hoppe <phoppe at wi.rr.com> wrote:

> Yuri,
> I agree with you.  I don't like the whole "real time
> scoring" thing.  I prefer to wait until after the 
> contest to start felling bad about how I did...

That is the beauty of realtime scoreboarding.  You can
still participate in a contest as you traditionally
have if you want to.  You can also participate in a
"Contest Within A Contest" (CWAC)for that extra rush
of watching the sport unfold before your eyes.

WV2ZOW and I (two different stations) participated in
the Stew Perry for the first time this year
specifically because of the CWAC.  We ended up in over
100 logs, benefitting those folks who operated

Overall, it was a lot of fun for me (a first timer)
mostly because of the realtime scoreboarding
component.  We can do it all again if there are any
other HF contests with Grid-4 on-air exchanges.

Ev, W2EV
ps - info on the client-side software is here:

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