[CQ-Contest] "Trigger happy" 12V PSUs

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Tue Dec 20 21:28:16 EST 2005

> Can't go wrong with an Astron. My RS-35 has been running >steady for  over 
> ten years now.

You're right on there Bill.  I've been using 2 of them for a LONG time
Thought I'd pass along something I found with my RS-20 that quit on me.

It would start up OK, but as soon as I would hit the transmit button, it 
would shut down.  Resoldered all the connections, checked the 
transistors--everything I could think of but it wouldn't work right.  I took 
the board out that the caps are connected to and found one of the screws 
that held the caps to the board were loose.  Re-tightened the screws and it 
has been FB ever since.  Made my day!  73

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