[CQ-Contest] Thanks - off-topic

PY2NY - Vitor py2ny at arrl.net
Tue Dec 20 21:32:15 EST 2005

Thank you "cq-contest" reflector!!
All the time, when thinking to travel, cq-contest
is one of the first source of help. Now, we
are going to California, and almost everything
that we have to do, was noticed by an ham
radio operator...
After changing my drive direction from
Tahoe to SFO, Napa and Santa Barbara,
my special gratitud to: NK6A, W6WU,
W6UM, W6NV and KX7M.
Hope to have time to see everything
at SFO Dec 26 night to 29 morning;
Yountville Dec 29 to Jan 02, Solvang
Jan 02 to Jan 05 and leaving USA after
pit-stop at LAX Gateway Jan 05 night
to Jan 06 morning, coming back to Brasil
at Jan 06 10am.
All the best for the people that drop me
a line and not listed here... Thanks to
CQ-contest owner and moderator.
- Vitor - PY2NY -

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