[CQ-Contest] Log checking questions

Mark Steven Williams k9gx at n4gn.com
Tue Dec 20 23:51:00 EST 2005

Who cares what serial number the other guy reports? If a station I work 
gives me serial number 1125 fifteen minutes into the test my concern is "did 
I copy it correctly?" How's my rate? Did I get his check and section right 
(in SS)? The bogus serial number doesn't intimidate me at all. I know it's 
either a) bogus or b) some multi running without networked PCs (unlikely!).

Things that rattle me during contests are...rate meter below 100 per hour, 
puff of smoke from the amplifier, thunderstorms and sudden high SWR on any 

If you're not cranking rate it matters not what others are doing.

Merry Christmas,

Mark, K9GX

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> Being a thousand numbers ahead a half hour into the contest is too far to 
> be believable and rattle your competition...  Go into past years and see 
> what your peers did as far a Q's compared to you and figure that 
> difference plus 10% - example say it is 300Q's, so 330 is your working 
> number.......
> Start the contest at #001, then every 30 minutes jump the qso number by 
> 10% of that 330 difference, so that by 10 hours you are running a qso 
> number 330 Q's ahead...  Now that will rattle em...
> denny
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