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>>SS clearly says the exchange consists of a consecutive serial number, but
unlike some contests, does not specify where it must begin. But if you're
not entering the contest, you don't have to follow that rule, either.<<

Quo Vadis Ham Radio?

What is happening to the good old ham spirit?

Appears that heading on the slippery slope to CB anarchy. First lowering the 
standards to get the license (you don't work for it, you don't appreciate the 
wonderful hobby/sport, don't learn and mature as going along to the top). So 
riffraff getting in and bringing "righteous" attitude with them - the bull in 
the china shop thing.

Back to the contests. Instead of trying to stick with rules and intent of 
rules, some are taking "lawyer's" approach. Like, if you are "not in the contest" 
but you are, by working or rattling the cages with your own interpretation of 
what is the contest about, you are "right." Like the thing with power, 
jumping serial numbers, packet crutch, etc.

Let me just pick on serial number. In the normal world, serial number just 
means that -- serial, in series - not parallel, not jumping, not starting at 
1,000,001. But "clever" hams know better. If the rules do not say 001, 002, 003, 
...  (three digit, consecutive, starting with 1, Arabic number) then "I am 
going to have FUN and show those other M0RONs" how to have fun?

The point is that there are rules, there is intent of the rules, trying to 
provide a platform for us to have some meaningful fun and way of beating our 
brains according to some rules. If that is not good enough, go ahead, get clever, 
make your own interpretation, the hell with the rest of the nerds. The 
shining target is the anarchy of CB bands, where it is free for all.

The point is that hams were self policing, valued their privilege of 
operating transmitters and most of all, were GENTLEMEN. Now we see influence of 
"extra" class "pioneers" trying to "fix" what wasn't broken.

You can defend your actions any way you like it, but just one question: 
Wouldn't it be better if one ENTERS the contest that he would try to look up the 
rules, decide under which category to have fun, operate whatever time, XYL, 
situation allows, SEND the log and feel that you are one of us, rather than some 
cowboy taking pot shots at those other F0OLs?
Again, Ferrari competing with cyclists at Tour de France would look stupid, 
but in ham radio it's OK (as long as you have "fun" and obey (?) FCC rules), 
Weird "logic" - you are not in the contest, but you are? What's the problem? 
You can put up station, spend money, but don't have 2 minutes to lookup the 
contest rules and try to play by them, even partially? 

DX lists and nets killed and made DXCC meaningless to many, are the contests 
next? I hope not! Can we still have some sanity? Like if you are in the 
contest, handing out numbers, that you abide by the CONTEST rules as gentleman ham 
and email your log even with dupes, and marked as check log, if you don't wish 
to be listed among the racers.
("You" here, means all those - you know who you are :-)

Would it be too much to ask that we obey by the rules, behave like true 
sportsmen and hams? Otherwise we will screw it for ourselves. How about New Year's 
resolution for 2006?

Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth to all!

Yuri, K3BU.us

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