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Wed Dec 21 20:57:45 EST 2005

     I'm surprised that there hasn't been discussion on this reflector of 
this aspect of WRTC 2006 yet:

On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 08:09:44AM -0200, PY5EG wrote:

> 	14) Why the Sponsored Teams?
> 	The budget for WRTC events is quite high and difficult to cover
> within our own resources and possibilities. We created a Fundraising
> Committee and several ideas were proposed. Most of those ideas we are
> implementing with very good results. We do have some private companies
> helping and supporting the event, so why not search for hams that could
> eventually bring some sponsors, as well? So the idea is to have contesters
> looking for companies or persons who could be interested in sponsoring a
> team for the WRTC 2006. Immediately after the selection of the standard
> teams we will open an Internet auction for the Sponsored Team category. 

     I know contesters that could very well merit a spot in WRTC who might 
not be able to afford to go even if they were selected based on the merit 
of their contesting performance.  Is it fair that those who were not 
selected for WRTC, who do not merit a spot in the competition based on their 
contesting performance, can literally buy their way into the event?

     What's next?  Selling first place to the highest bidder?

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