[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Steve.Root@culligan.com steve.root at culligan4water.com
Thu Dec 22 08:21:34 EST 2005

Hi Bill,

> According to the above criteria, those of us "off the beaten path" in W4,
> "do not have Europe on our doorstep," or "one hop skip into 2/8/9 land"
> should not do well in domestic contests nor DX contests.

"Off the beaten path in W4" ?  Let me just say there are places on this
continent (that are full of good contesters) that are a lot worse off than
anywhere in W4.

> The PY-gang has come up with a less than perfect scoring grid to determine
> who is going to the WRTC party, but they have tried to make it as fair as
> could envision it.  The scoring grid incorporates domestic AND DX
contests.  It
> attempts to balance the DX advantage of the Northeast with the domestic
> advantage of the Southeast in the Eastern US division.  It attempts to
balance the
> DX advantage of the W8/9 to the domestic advantage of the W5s in the
> US division.

The problem with this "central region" is that it is stretched out over 1000
miles North to South.  The PY's have stated in a previous posting that they
went to a regional format because they considered it unfair to have PY's and
LU's compete with the Caribbean stations.  Then how do you explain a station
in Fargo having to match up scores with someone in Houston?  The regional
idea is a step in the right direction but this time out it was a swing and a

73 Steve K0SR

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