[CQ-Contest] WRTC Selection Criteria

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at r66.ru
Thu Dec 22 09:34:01 EST 2005

> How about regional qualifier events between the main WRTC's?  How about a
> 73, Ward N0AX

Exactly... Ural Contest Group  (UCG) has been organizing and hosting WRTC
like competitions for the last 5 years. In fact I think we went one step
further. We provide participants with the same antenna and mast (10 m tall).
All positions located on the same long (almost 5 km) field . The distance
between the centers of the positions is 200 meters. That makes signals from
all the participants the same as far as strength is concerned. The level of
mutual QRM pretty well simulates that in the big contest. We usually have
20-25 teams split into two categories - SO and MO
For MO rules arte a bit more loose. we only limit output power? number and
height of towers and impose "one signal" rule. The event happens during Reg
1 Field Day CW. I know that several other club followed. The same rules and
the same time is used by clubs in Siberia (UA0A, UA9U, UA9Y)  and Ukraine.
We do not do preliminary selection. Everybody is welcome. So far we had some
very fine ops from UN7 and DL. If someone wants to come and join we can
provide one or two visitors with everything including transceiver (you
better bring your laptop with your favorite logger).
This approach allows avoiding big expenses for traveling far away and
equalizes big guns and small pistols. Having said that the trend is that
those, who does well in big contests like CQWW or RDXC shows also good
results in this field competition. As every sport contesting requires a lot
of every weekend practice which cannot be substituted by pile up simulators.
One more comment regarding the list of the contests chosen for WRTC
selection. SS and even ARRL are of no importance here at all. We are lucky
if we can make 100 QSO in ARRL because in this contest participants supposed
to work only NA and that pass is opened very short time if at all. But why
did organizers not include RDXC which is the second biggest one after CQWW
as far as number of submitted logs is concerned? Is that because of
geographical proximity of Brazil to  North America? :)

73, Igor UA9CDC

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