[CQ-Contest] A Suggestion for 2010 WRTC Selection Criteria

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Fri Dec 23 00:40:07 EST 2005

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>>Let the guys know which contests will be used and what the weighting is 
of time, the penalties for being a singleband effort or part of a MM crew and 
so forth.  If guys know ahead of time what the scoring grid looks like, there 
should be less griping about the selection process.  Many good ops are being 
hurt by the MM and single band rules.  I would not have done so many single 
band entries if I had known ahead of time how they would be scored, and lots 
guys may not have operated as parts of MM crews if they were seriously 
thinking of going to WRTC. <<

Very true, some of us go after monoband records/scores and get "degraded".

Another way of selecting participants would be in the regions have 
qualification runs under similar conditions and rules as WRTC, say two or three years in 
a row.

Taking it one step further and to involve station design and building 
(unburdening sponsors from providing equipment/antennas), would be requirement that 
operators bring their own equipment (rigs, antennas) with max weight limit say 
60 lbs. This would involve station building (or buying) and operating. Can 
even pick location within the outlined territory. 

This would eliminate many fudgy factors and those serious in WRTC would have 
a chance to fight for it under the same conditions. I think dividing the world 
to regions is excellent, maybe with some more fine tuning reflecting density 
of contesters.

73  + Merry Christmas  

Yuri, K3BU

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