[CQ-Contest] Eu Sprint Plaque 2005

I2UIY i2uiy at cqww.com
Fri Dec 23 16:29:02 EST 2005

The EU Sprint Gang is proud to announce the Winners of the
2005 Eu Sprint Plaques.

This is the fifth year that this award is issued and it goes
to the three operators with the highest combined scores, having
entered at least three of the four European Sprint contests in 2005.

2005 Winners are:
#1 - Tonno Vahk, ES5TV - 939 Points
#2 - Sasa Pokorni, 9A5Y (Opr. 9A3NM) - 772 Points
#2 - Iliya Getzov, LZ9W (Opr. LZ4UU) - 772 Points


There are also certificates for the winners of each Sprint and the
leading score from each country. Prizes will be sent out by the
end of February 2005.

This is the fifth year since when we started the Eu Sprint Plaque
and we are proud to see that scores are increasing, it means that
winning the Plaque for the highest combined score is getting more
difficult every year.

This year the first place goes again to Tonno, ES5TV, who won 3 of
the 4 Sprint of the year, ending 4th in the last CW event. Operating
SO2R gave him a sure advantage. The second place is split between
two entrants: LZ9W and 9A5Y. Having the same score after 4 contests
is quite amazing, isn't it? Both LZ9W, operated by LZ4UU, and 9A5Y,
operated by 9A3NM, ended with 772 points. Both of them are quite
far from the winner.

The fourth place goes to DL6RAI that could have easily got a much
better score but, unfortunately, he was only able to operate part
time in the Spring CW event. Everyone else is quite far from the
top scores.

The top Low Power score belongs to Hrle, 9A6XX, who operated
as 9A7P, ending #5.

Rules, full results, past scores and all time records can be seen
at: <http://www.eusprint.com>. Please tell all your friends to
get ready for the European Sprint contests in 2006!

Happy New Year from the Eu Sprint Gang!

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