[CQ-Contest] Radio interference problem

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Wed Dec 28 13:51:48 EST 2005

I built a 6 to 10 Amp Corcom powerline filter (available at swaps for a 
few bucks) into a 
duplex outlet box with a short heavy extension cable (16-3 or heavier) 
and plugged only 
my rig into that.  Even better build another and plug the computer and 
monitor into that. 
 Totally eliminated the trash from my computer and monitor, when ferrite 
chokes on the AC 
cables didn't help.

73, Gerry  K8GT

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From: K8JWT <k8jwt at adelphia.net>
Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2005 9:45 pm
Subject: [CQ-Contest] Radio interference problem

> Sorry for adressing multiple reflectors but this problem is 
> killing my capabilities to operate.
> I am receiving interference from my computer monitor mainly in the 
> 20 meter band that almost obliterates the PSK-31/RTTY section of 
> the band. I have tried the available chokes from Radio Shack with 
> no improvement. This interference also effects 15meters slightly. 
> No problems with 40 or 80 meters.
> Monitor is about 4 feet away from the radio/tuner setup with 
> cables for each seperated as well as possible. Monitor is almost 
> brand new CRT type. I have returned to point of purchase for 
> exchange which they did but the problem persists.
> Any suggestions would be very helpful. . .
> Jacob Tennant - K8JWT
> PS: I did wrap all of my exposed coax with alluminum foil which 
> dropped the interference a little bit but not much. Also checked 
> all of the PL-259 solder joints and they are good.
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