[CQ-Contest] RE: Awesome Morse Trainer

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Sat Jan 1 10:49:52 EST 2005

Interesting tech note about Morse Runner: when you set the callsign to your
own call, it doesn't remove you from the list of available calls.

Playing last night, I worked myself!

Not only is MR great practice, it's one heck of a contesting fix when
there's no contesting to be had.

It's realistic enough that I've had to remind myself a couple of times that
there aren't real people on the other end, but when a VU comes in at Q5
copy, I know it's not real.

MR is a great tool to learn CW contesting but I'd hesitate calling it a
great CW trainer, since everything comes in predictable little bites. I'd
look for Super Morse by WD5CID or something along those lines, which would
send you text that's not neat little contest exchanges. Super Morse is a bit
long in the tooth and I'm not sure how well it would run under XP, ME or
2000. Of course, there's always W1AW or, gasp!, casual operating.

73, kelly

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