[CQ-Contest] Be careful

Jeff Maass jmaass at columbus.rr.com
Sat Jan 1 19:32:08 EST 2005

The CQWW Records are listed at:

6Y2A currently has the North American CW Record (39.2M),
not the World Record. Their web site does claim the 
World Record (http://www.k2kw.com/tv.html).

The World Record in CQWW (both modes) is CN8WW with 70.7M
on CW, set in 1999.

The South American CW record is also higher than the 6Y2A
score, PJ4B with 47.5M, also set in 1999. 
Perhaps at the time the 1998 CW contest ended, 6Y2A had 
the CQWW CW M/M record (44M claimed), but I don't have 
the magazines at hand, and CQ has not deigned to put 
results that far back on their web site. 


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> I'm assuming you're referring to the OH expedition to PJ9W in 1990 SSB
> ?.  They did 51.3M.  I looked back 3 years and did not find 6Y M/M operation
> in WW SSB, at least not in the leader box, and much less "MM world record
> beating", which on SSB would be 78 M by CN8WW.  Different year, different
> mode (?), different competion.  I agree that well-placed verticals work
> great, but I think that yagis at a decent height will win...
> Please correct me and HNY
> Stu   KC1F
> It was   1998 - 6Y2A M/M in CQ WW CW
> more info at 
> http://www.k2kw.com/verticals/verticalinfo.htm
> Verticals on the beach will outdo Yagis at low angles and DX performance.
> I have played with them as N2EE on 10m from Cape Hatteras (US LP record), NC 
> and can vouch for it. Now using some real arrays....
> 73 HNY
> Yuri, K3BU.us

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