[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 2 01:54:39 EST 2005

To set the record straight:  Team Vertical did own the WORLD RECORD for M/M
in 1998.  Period.  Don't forget, this was from 2 point land!

Can I help it if the CQWW guys can't get it right?  If you look to the
records to be a reliable source of information, you are assuming too much.
There are other mistakes in their records.

You should also note that Team Vertical now owns ALL the single band QRP
records, and 2 low power world records.  Let's see:  a World M/M record, All
the current World QRP single band records, and 2 current World low power
single band records.   Since the above won't convince some, I would also
guess they won't give any credit to the WPX North America M/M record, and
bunch of 1st place WPX M/S operations (can't set a world record ALL the
time.  Darn).

Gee, and all that from 2 or 3 golf club cases worth of stuff.  Nah,
verticals don't work - not enough evidence to support that.

Kenny K2KW

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