[CQ-Contest] Be careful

jukka.klemola at nokia.com jukka.klemola at nokia.com
Sun Jan 2 04:16:54 EST 2005

Records are to be broken.
Sponsors come and go.
Expeditions make the fun kind of more fun, more worth participating even at home.
Some old techniques used in a modern way do make records taller.
Contests are.
..I guess I tried to make my message like that but did not excactly succeed..
2005 !
Jukka OH6LI

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Sorry, I didn't want to get war started about records, Nokia, contest expeditions, just wanted to use 6Y2A operation as an eye opener example (to me anyway).
Just to bring to attention that verticals can be awesom, beat Yagis when properly used (on salty beaches).
73 and see you in 2005 pileups!

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