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Sun Jan 2 10:50:39 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/2/2005 8:57:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
btippett at alum.mit.edu writes:
>Just to bring to attention that verticals can be awesom, beat Yagis when
properly used (on salty beaches).

It's deja vu all over again...didn't we have this conversation
once before (see post from 21 March below).  More refined modeling
shows the small 3-stack has peak gain around 21.7 dBi, not 19.6 dBi
mentioned below.


                                                 73,  Bill  W4ZV
W4ZV            2009   37  138      31   1,021,825 PVRC
N2EE/4          1675   36  128             792,284 FRC  LOW POWER

Rest of the "reasoning" omitted.

Yep, here we go again :-)

So in the rest of your post you are comparing 18 elements of your optimized 
stack with my crummy 4 el. 4sq. and I was LOW POWER that is my IC781 vs. your 

If I divide your score by the number of elements, you get 56,768 points per 
element, while I get 198,071 points per element. That's 3.4 times, now add ??? 
for huge power difference and you get maybe 10x more. Something like 15 dB 
overall benefit of Vs vs. Ys. 

So who sucks? Yagis or verticals?  (:-)

Hi Kenny, compliments to your steamrolling of records with fishing poles in 
the sand, I am right behind you, still arming :-)

Oh well, use whatever turns you on, just don't dump on my beechy verticals 
and swimsuit.

73 HNY

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