[CQ-Contest] Be careful

Bill Tippett btippett at alum.mit.edu
Sun Jan 2 14:55:23 EST 2005

Hi Yuri,

         "Just the facts ma'am".  You claimed Low Power in
the 2000 CQ WW SSB but High Power in the 2000 CQ WW CW,
not Low Power as you stated...unless both your 3830
post and your entry to CQ were wrong (BTW they also
list you as Assisted...not Unassisted in their CW results).

Claimed 3830 CW Results:

Call            QSO   Zone Cty SO2R Time    Score  Club

2000 CQ WW 
SSB:  http://dayton.akorn.net/pipermail/3830/2000-December/035099.html

W4ZV            2430   38  156 Yes  30   1,357,030 PVRC

N2EE (K3BU)     1591   32  136             770,952 YCCC

2000 CQ WW CW:  http://dayton.akorn.net/pipermail/3830/2001-January/045497.html

W4ZV            2009   37  138      31   1,022,350 PVRC
N2EE (K3BU)     1675   36  128 Y    31     792,284 YCCC

* Final published CQ results list you as High Power Assisted
on page 16 below:

K3BU wrote:

So in the rest of your post you are comparing 18 elements of your optimized
stack with my crummy 4 el. 4sq. and I was LOW POWER that is my IC781 vs. your

         No, I later compared gain of a 16 element array of FOUR 4-squares over
salt water which should have gain of ~16 dBi versus an 18 element stack
with 21.7 dBi gain over average ground.  As I said before, verticals on
salt water are an excellent portable antenna, but they cannot compare
to a good Yagi stack, unless you do something even more complex than four
4-squares.  I feel your comment:

"Just to bring to attention that verticals can be awesom, beat Yagis when
properly used (on salty beaches)."

is questionable for reasonable size stacks...at least on 10 meters.  If
you look at the red plot of my system with only two 27' long Yagi's up 35'
and 70', they would still be significantly better than four 4-squares
at 3 degrees and up, which covers 85% of all propagation TOA statistics.
And of course they are MUCH better than single 10 dBi 4-square over salt
water.  Of course the lower you go in frequency, the more difficult it
becomes to build a stack of Yagis.  Maybe you should try it on 40 or 20
next time.

                                                 73,  Bill 

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