[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

KEN SILVERMAN k2kw at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 2 16:31:39 EST 2005

>If anyone would calculate the M/M category "Maximum result with
>Minimum effort", the Team Vertical is a clean sweep champ.

I respectfully disagree.  Our results were only possible because we did not
listen to conventional wisdom.  The models fully support that if you want to
win contests on a DXpedition, the only choice is
verticals over salt water.  Ask N6AA and crew.

Over our history, we have built over 300 vertical antennas, with years of
research, testing and analysis.  It may seem like easy work once you know
how, but it took us a lot of hard work and a lot of brain power to come to
the conclusion that for DXpeditions, verticals on the beach are the only way
to go.  Most of that research was made public - we have nothing to hide.

W4ZV rightfully points out that a big stack of long 10m Yagi's will
beat a 10m 4square over salt water.  Actually, 10m was the only band that
TI1C beat 6Y2A on.  On all the other bands, we easily beat them, and they
were using some very large arrays on all other bands.

>But the today's records will become history as there are more
>multis and QSOs available in the future.

CN8WW's M/M record is the one record that will never be beaten.  People who
how CN8WW's score was achieved know the only way you will beat their effort
is with 50 KW transmitters (and I don't say this power level arbitrarily),
from a super location in N/W Africa and monster antennas.  There are not
that many people crazy enough to do that.  Even if there were, the transmit
power has now been capped to 1.5 KW which will totally preclude anyone
legally beating their record.  If you don't know, the CQ WW Rules were
changed as a result
of CN8WW's effort to specifically say that "All high power categories must
exceed 1500 watts total output power on any band".  That rule was not in
place when CN8WW set their record.  The spirit of the 1500w power limit
observed by most other hams, but at the time, the CN8 guys got around that
since they were operating within the scope of their license, which did not
have a power limit.

 I don't want to discount that the CN8 team did
their homework and put together a good team of operators, picked
the right location, and put up good antennas.  They got all of that part
But to beat them, you will have to do everything they did, and probably run
about 50 KW.  Not going to happen - ever.

Kenny K2KW

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