[CQ-Contest] Be careful

K3BU at aol.com K3BU at aol.com
Sun Jan 2 19:44:38 EST 2005

In a message dated 1/2/2005 4:55:01 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
btippett at alum.mit.edu writes:
"Just the facts ma'am".  You claimed Low Power in
the 2000 CQ WW SSB but High Power in the 2000 CQ WW CW,
not Low Power as you stated...unless both your 3830
post and your entry to CQ were wrong (BTW they also
list you as Assisted...not Unassisted in their CW results).
I wasn't carefull.
Yep, I was assisted by Cabrillo and Murphy in ending up there :-)
Goofed in submission, found out too late. Wasn't really gunning for record, 
just was curious what the heck is W2KW talking about and it opened my eyes wide.

Back to work on 170 acre Rhombic farm on salt marsh and DR1.


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