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Sun Jan 2 20:02:34 EST 2005

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>>W4ZV rightfully points out that a big stack of long 10m Yagi's will
beat a 10m 4square over salt water.  Actually, 10m was the only band that
TI1C beat 6Y2A on.  On all the other bands, we easily beat them, and they
were using some very large arrays on all other bands.<<

I figured that the worst band to use beechy verticals was 10m and I expected 
not to see much advantage, but wanted to try the worst case. I was pleasantly 

Just to illustrate some tribulations I went through at Cape Hatteras, NC. 
First time I tried 2 el. with parasitic reflector on the Ocean side. Problem with 
The backup "killer" array was 3 el. on the sand dune with StackMatch. Sucked 
major time, best "3 el. non-directional array". Turned out that advertised 
performance for using StackMatch for 3el. vertical array is not there, it needs 
coax shield going to verticals to be disconnected from the box. 
Then I found place on the bay side, with almost no tide. Time to try 4 square.
Another punch was using Comtek box trying to feed elevated vertical dipoles. 
Turns out that on 10m Comtek is looking for low impedances to work properly, 
so had to go back to slightly elevated 1/4 wave verticals configured as 4 
square, worked out fine. 
Then I played with 3 el. corner fed Quad on the boat ramp, good complement 
for 4 sq. but far from some serious bad arrays that are on the drawing board.

OK on CN8WW (and IG9/IV3TAN 160) records, they are unbeatable until next 
time.  Wholduit?

73  Yuri, K3BU.us
Tesla RC N2EE, NT1E

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