[CQ-Contest] Low Power Category

IK2DZN - Claudio Astorri ik2dzn at astorri.it
Mon Jan 3 12:37:44 EST 2005

Hi Keen Contesters,
this is Claudio "IK2DZN" from Milan, Italy, back to you after verifying no
one has answered to my Low Power question.  
No complains for this, just answers I found myself which I'd like now to
share with those among you who could be interested. 
- ARRL Contests
Power Limit for LOW is 150 Watt.
- CQ Contests, DARC Contests, etc.
Power Limit for LOW is 100 Watt.
- JARL  Contests
The category LOW is not even existing for NON-ASIAN contesters. 
I think it would be important to have all major contests including in the
rules the LOW POWER category and using the same standard power limit.
Anything we can do from here? 
Claudio Astorri, IK2DZN

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