[CQ-Contest] World Records and Verticals

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Agreed Rusty,

A few years ago we were at VP5 using a Butternut 40 meter vertical whose
base was actually at the waters edge.  The antenna was a bomb!  Great
runs/pileups to JA in the mornings on 40 and great pileups from other areas
of the world depending on propagation.  We also had a gap vertical which we
installed about 100 yards inland and it did nothing.  You could call cq and
hear a clear frequency when you signed.  Perhaps a bit of the situation was
Butternut vs Gap,  but I believe the major difference was that salt water
lapping at the base.

When I was in the Navy in the 60's I would have use of a KW rig (URC-32) on
board.  When we were tied up to our local pier,  I would sign my call as
K0LUZ/4 (back in those days,  you had to put the /4 on if you were not at
your own qth).  I had a military vertical which you could tune to almost any
frequency.  I used it on 80 meters and no matter how deep the pileup was,  I
usually came out first in the pileup.  Again the salt water right below the

Once I tried throwing a couple of radials in the pool at my home qth on my
80 meter vertical to see if that would help some,  but it didn't.  The next
step would have been to dump a bunch of bags of salt into my pool,  but I
thought better of it.  Although the antenna does work,  it was no where near
the effectiveness of the salt water vertical.

So as Rusty said,  unless you are at the oceans edge,  a yagi probably does
a better job.

> I challenge anyone to set up 2 or three golf club bags full of verticals
> over rocky soil in central Texas and out perform towers with Yagis at the
> same location.  Yes verticals in a salt water marsh work wonderfully, but
> that does not lead to a conclusion that a vertical on a city lot can
> successfully compete with towers and Yagis on a larger piece of
> real estate.
> Certainly verticals in the right location are effective, and in
> some cases
> are the most effective antenna, but if we are going to have a discussion
> about how wonderful verticals are, then lets compare apples to apples.
> 73, Rusty, na5tr
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> > To set the record straight:  Team Vertical did own the WORLD RECORD for
> > M/M
> > in 1998.  Period.  Don't forget, this was from 2 point land!
> >
> > Can I help it if the CQWW guys can't get it right?  If you look to the
> > records to be a reliable source of information, you are
> assuming too much.
> > There are other mistakes in their records.
> >
> > You should also note that Team Vertical now owns ALL the single band QRP
> > records, and 2 low power world records.  Let's see:  a World
> M/M record,
> > All
> > the current World QRP single band records, and 2 current World low power
> > single band records.   Since the above won't convince some, I would also
> > guess they won't give any credit to the WPX North America M/M
> record, and
> > bunch of 1st place WPX M/S operations (can't set a world record ALL the
> > time.  Darn).
> >
> > Gee, and all that from 2 or 3 golf club cases worth of stuff.  Nah,
> > verticals don't work - not enough evidence to support that.
> >
> > Kenny K2KW
> >
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