[CQ-Contest] Re: [RTTY] CW/RTTY QRM Saturday evening

Dean Wood n6de at inreach.com
Thu Jan 6 11:54:12 EST 2005

This is a good topic.  Thanks to Dave for driving it.

To be more specific to the NAQP CW participant:
-On 10m-80m, you can expect to hear a lot of RTTY stations between .080 
and .100.  Realistically, on 20m, activity will spread down to .070.  On 
several bands, you'll hear activity higher than .100.  Be sure to keep 
all this in mind when you are thinking about potential move-frequencies 
to QSY a mult to other bands.

-As Dave mentioned, be aware that you are likely going to hear RTTY 
stations on 40m as low as 7.040 (and potentially lower, though I 
certainly hope not).  This is due to the narrow overall 40m band 
allocation in most parts of the world.  The reason you'll hear activity 
that low during NAQP CW is due to U.S. stations (primarily east coast) 
CQing to Europe, or Europeans CQing there, getting answers from USA 

-Stations can run high power in the RTTY Roundup.  The odds are slim of 
a 100W NAQP station outlasting a high power RTTY station in a frequency 

-The RTTY Roundup is only on 10m-80m, so 160m will be clear of RTTY 
Roundup stations.

To the RTTY Roundup participant:
-I hope U.S. stations can refrain from CQing for long periods of time so 
low in the 40m band.  What this comes down to is if U.S. stations answer 
U.S. stations at 7.040 or lower, then the U.S. station will have no 
motivation to move because he will now have rate from the US and from 
Europe.  It is up the stateside RTTY participants to discourage hours of 
CQing (from primarily eastern U.S. operators) at 7.040(and lower) by not 
answering other stateside CQs there.

-Dean - N6DE

David Hachadorian wrote:

> The NAQP CW  and the RTTY Roundup contests are both scheduled for this 
> coming Saturday. With a lot of the RTTY activity occuring around 7040, 
> and the NAQP suggested frequencies of around 7030, 40 meters has all the 
> potential of becoming a total zoo.
> The only hope I can see is for cw guys to use the lower part of the 
> band, down into the Extra Class portion, and for the RTTY guys to stay 
> as high as possible, above 7080 for domestic QSO's, and above 7040 for DX.
> It's a shame that these two great contests got scheduled for the same 
> weekend. I would have loved to enter both, but the January NAQP CW has 
> got to be the "funnest" contest of the year, so that's where I'll be.
> Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
> Yuma, AZ
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