[CQ-Contest] Re: [RTTY] CW/RTTY QRM Saturday evening

Bruce Horn bhorn at hornucopia.com
Fri Jan 7 10:58:32 EST 2005

At 06:21 AM 1/7/2005, David Hachadorian wrote:
New Year's Day falls on a Sunday next year, so I think this conflict is 
scheduled to happen again. I think the BARTG RTTY Sprint is scheduled for 
the third Saturday of January, but the NAQP CW could be moved to the third 
SUNDAY. The NAQP is low power, so it shouldn't disturb Sunday afternoon TV 
sports, and it starts late enough that many people could even go to church 
before the contest starts. That would make: Jan7-8 RTTY Roundup, Jan14 NAQP 
SSB, Jan22 (SUN) NAQP CW. Anybody see any major problems with that?

The RTTY Roundup is scheduled for the first full weekend in January that 
doesn't fall on Jan 1. NAQP CW is scheduled for the 2nd full weekend in 
January and NAQP SSB the 3rd full weekend in January.

In 2006, the normal schedule will be:
RTTY Roundup: Jan 7-8
NAQP CW: Jan 14-15
NAQP SSB: Jan 21-22

The next year in which NAQP CW and the RTTY Roundup collide on the calendar 
is 2011.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at hornucopia.com)

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