[CQ-Contest] RE: [YCCC] ft-1000mp beverage switching?

David Robbins K1TTT k1ttt at arrl.net
Sat Jan 8 06:59:04 EST 2005

Its not a problem, and its not so2r... this is starting on mm2rpb, the next
level of m/m.  I was trying to figure out if it was safe to have an mp
listening on a beverage while another radio was transmitting on the same
band.  Using the built in rx ant out to send an antenna to a second radio
works, but the second radio only gets to listen while the first is listening
on the beverage.... it is cut off during tx and the beverage is not passed
through at all, only the tx antenna, which is kind of odd to start with.
but then looking at the schematic it appeared that when listening on the
beverage on the first radio it is not disconnected from the rx when
transmitting anyway.  If this is indeed correct and as k1ir says they listen
on a second radio directly on a beverage while transmitting on one radio
then that is what I can do here also.

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> Dave,
> Sounds like you have a problem. I've used an 'MP for years with no
> problem. The internal relay switches over to the A/B antenna port as soon
> as I key the rig. Not sure what mod you're doing for SO2R.
> 73 de TE

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