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> David Robbins
> Its not a problem, and its not so2r... this is starting on 
> mm2rpb, the next
> level of m/m.  I was trying to figure out if it was safe to have an mp
> listening on a beverage while another radio was transmitting 
> on the same
> band.  

I used that when I enterd a WPX CW against OH8L on 20m at
OH9W a few years ago.
OH8L was practically unbeatable before that one.
Both radios were FT1000MPs. Unmodified at that time .. blah blah.
I had a AL1200 and a big stack post radio1.
Radio2 was barefoot to a 3 el tribander (A3).

Radio2 was relatively productive.
I got maybe 5-6 mults and 25 QSOs on the Radio2.

I won the 20m for Finland with a margin of maybe 3 multipliers
or 20 QSOs or so.
And some say two radios do not make a difference !

I was feeling like a two headed unicorn after that race, though.

That feeling is one of the reasons I have not implemented that
kind of a 2 radio single band system at OH0V nor OH4A.

> Using the built in rx ant out to send an antenna to a 
> second radio
> works, but the second radio only gets to listen while the 
> first is listening
> on the beverage.... it is cut off during tx and the beverage 
> is not passed
> through at all, only the tx antenna, which is kind of odd to 
> start with.

Use the two radios separately.
Do not use the rx antenna port.
Just use the 'normal' antenna port on radio 2 for receiving antenna
while Radio1 transmits and you will have a working system.

That is how I implemented this kind of a system.

> ...

Testing the safe/acceptable power level is important.
If you run 'enough' power towards the Radio2 antenna when transmitting
on radio1, you will loose a receiver.
The modern SMD resistor attenuators are lost before the RX front end
transfers into smoke.
Pre contest testing is vital.

I had no problems at OH9W; I could run full power all the time
on radio1.
> David Robbins K1TTT

GL with the experiments Dave !

Jukka OH6LI

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