[CQ-Contest] TCG NAQP SSB Teams: so far...

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Tue Jan 11 20:24:47 EST 2005

Have a good start for the Tennessee Contest Group's NAQP SSB Teams so far. 
The more the merrier, so keep them coming. Here is what we have:

K4XS            FT
AF4QB           PT
K4RO            PT
W1KLM           FT (QRP)
AA0BA           PT
W4TDB           PT
WM4Q            PT
K0EJ            PT
W9WI            PT
K4BEV           FT
AK4ST           PT
WA4JA           PT
WA4VJC           FT

   Everyone, let's give a big welcome to WA4VJC, Bob who it relatively new to 
contesting. He is from Georgia. Also, there was a request to form an all QRP 
team, with two players so far. Anyone else like to go the way of the flea? A 
team consists from two to five players.
   If you have sent in your request, please check and see if your call is on 
the list. If not, send me another request. Next posting will be Thursday 
evening. We have plenty of room for more.   Jeff  NY4N

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