[CQ-Contest] 2005 NAQP SSB Teams - Last CAll

Ny4n at aol.com Ny4n at aol.com
Thu Jan 13 21:23:33 EST 2005

North American QSO Party--Phone, 1800Z Jan 15--0600Z Jan 16 
Ok, large response to last call, but we still have room for more. We have 
lots of part timers on, for many reasons, including local hamfest. We had one 
station withdraw too. That's OK. Any time that you can give is fine. Also, team 
names will have an Elvis Theme, if you want to use Elvis for your name is up to 
   Teams will be assembled early Friday evening ( 4-6 pm ) and posted . If 
you want to change your location on the team, send me a e-mail. Teams will be 
sent in early on Saturday morning   ( 4-5 am ). Good luck to all.  Here is who 
we have so far. Keep 'em coming. Jeff  NY4N

K4XS             FT
AF4QB           PT
K4RO            PT
W1KLM           FT (QRP)
AB0BA           PT
WM4Q            PT
K0EJ            PT
W9WI            PT
K4BEV           PT
AK4ST           PT
WA4JA           PT
WA4VJC           FT
W4BCG            PT     
W4PA            PT
N1WI            FT
AD4EB           PT
W0ETC           PT
W4NZ            PT
N4ZZ            FT
K4LTA           PT (May be hosting operator)
K4AMC           PT

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