[CQ-Contest] Just when you think

Ivo Pezer I7/9A3A 5b4ada at aliceposta.it
Sun Jan 16 02:28:34 EST 2005

Steve's suggestion makes perfect sense to me.

I still remember when I was in Haiti and had to wait 10 minutes to hear a
callsign of a (world known) station running huge pile up during the CQWW
contest. Huge pile up because of QTH/hardware is already an advantage and
penalizing the other station by not signing a call sign is really unfair. A
complete two-way QSO includes both callsign and report exchange.

During my recent trip to Sierra Leone (9L1ADA) I had a chance to enjoy again
huge pile-ups at some times, but the only time I would not sign my call when
working tail-end QSOs. Same applies to contest - one should not be
increasing his/her rate at the expense of the other competitor.
Requests to repeate callsign or QRS should be another way of saying "thank
you for the points". Without small station's activity there would be no fun.

Ivo I7/9A3A

ex 9L1ADA, C4A, HH2AW, 4V2A ...

> During CQWW CW, the behavior of most of the top-10 single-op DX stations
> was deplorable, especially during the first 24 hours !  As a single-op,
> all-band, NON-packet, unassisted participant, it is downright rude for
> you to not sign your call at least every 3 or 4 QSO's.  It is totally
> unacceptable for you to ignore me when I ask you for your call.
> As a result of my experience in CQWW, I am instituting a new policy - if
> you ignore my request for your call, I'm not going to wait around until
> you feel like signing your call.  No QSO in my log !  I strongly
> encourage others to do the same.  I may lose a QSO or multiplier, but
> guess what - you're going to lose a QSO AND you're going to be penalized
> 3 more QSO's for a not-in-log. You don't like that ?  Tough - sign your
> call !
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC

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