[CQ-Contest] Just when you think

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Mon Jan 17 23:34:14 EST 2005

Art, N2NRA wrote:

 > Contest etiquette?  YOu guys are being unrealistic!

IMHO, that sounds very defeatist, Art.

 > Kelly has it right!   The DX is managing his pileup.  And it may be 
unfair.  It may waste
 > your time and lower your QSO rate but it works for the DX.  And it is a 

That's almost like saying if you're on one football team and "Moon" the 
crowd, you get fined...but if you're on the other team, you 
don't.   Gheeeezzzz ;-(

 >You can't blame DX for operating this way.

I most certainly can...and will.  No where in contest rules have I seen 
that they have been given "God" status.

 > The only way we are ever going to discourage this is to all agree to not
 > work DX that operates this way.

That's a great idea.

 > And you know that ain't going to happen.

"Nothing is impossible".  Practically speaking probably not.  However, I 
will continue to fault the event sponsors if they don't start taking some 
"initiative" to clarify *within the rules* what is acceptable behavior or 
etiquette for a DX station pursuant to callsign ID frequency. Yet, my 
suspicions are others besides N2IC *WILL* do something about it via NON-QSO 
boycotts within the event(s).

Allowing self-centered QSO hungry DX contest entrants to essentially 
"steal" valuable operating time from other entrants in such a {LID} 
operating style is pathetic.  That's like arbitrarily giving the team with 
"DX" on it's Jerseys extra bonus "First Downs" every Quarter in a DX vs. 
W/VE football game.  You won't see this kind of crap in an NFL game, or 
extra bonus times at bat arbitrarily doled out in the World Series to one team.

Insufficient frequency of DX station callsign ID is rude, self-centered, 
UN-sportsmanlike operating.  As a "style", it is LID-LID-LID operating any 
way you cut the cake.  It is not, as some would suggest, "managing a 
pileup".  Give me a break.  Managing a pileup involves things like NOT 
responding to W0bozzo who keeps calling when you send "QRZ EU", or working 
W4stooge who keeps calling when you've clearly sent K5? several times, and 
making "NO JA" mean exactly that !!!

On second thought, maybe my initial "Contest Police" idea ain't so bad 
after all.  Baseball has a "three strikes and you're out" rule.  IMHO, DX 
stations should be held to a "fail to send your callsign at least every 3rd 
QSO and your log is disqualified" rule.

Contest event sponsors really need to start exercising some Leadership in 
this matter.  And that begins with clarifying WITHIN THE RULES what is 
acceptable operating etiquette for DX stations with respect to callsign 
identification frequency.

Proceeding into the future of contesting without more well defined contest 
"etiquette" is akin to removing the lane markings on the Los Angeles area 
freeways during rush hour ;-(


Rick, K6VVA

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