[CQ-Contest] How frequent to ID? Every QSO? No way!

Tonno Vahk tonno.vahk at mail.ee
Tue Jan 18 12:43:53 EST 2005

Well, of course Jose's calculation is just to illustrate the point and you 
could go much deeper into statistics making huge amount of extra assumptions 
and scientific calculations. And does not matter if the clone 4 wins by 1 
mio or 0,3 mio points:)

It is clear that every station has to design his own IDing strategy 
according to circumstances and IDing after every QSO is usually not the best 

Many of you are looking at this only from your own perspective saying that 
the DX station wastes your time by not IDing. If a DX station (e.g. Jose) 
has a big pile up of say 6-7 stations calling then by not IDing in 4-5 QSOs 
means that he can work the weaker guys of those and by IDing he would waste 
THEIR time because YOU will be calling on top of them after knowing the 
call. So being a QRP station for example I would advocate that "let's forbid 
DX stations with big pile ups to ID more frequently than once per minute, 
otherwise I never have a chance and my time gets horribly wasted by waiting 
my chance for ever":)

The truth is that by IDing less than every QSO in big pile-up the whole 
society's time is saved and more guys can be worked. From utilitarian 
perspective seems very fair to me and desirable operating practice.

>From my perspective CQWW is never a non-ending pile-up. During this short 1 
hour opening to US on 10m when I also get spotted and have a massive pile-up 
it would be incredibly stupid to ID too often. Especially with US stations 
who understand what short "thanks" or R means and call immidiately.

In the same time with small EU pile up "thanks" just brings silence 
sometimes:) So to be sure they would understand and be calling I have to say 
"thanks, QRZ" meaning that I can rather ID and be better off:)

The same way I am sure ending QSO with just callsign causes confusion often. 
People will be asking for confirmation or calling again.

So after all this thread does not take us anywhere as everyone's opertating 
practice and habits are different and if the operator does not act 
rationally to maximize his score in contest it is his concern...or maybe 
maximum score is not his ambition anyway.


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> That was an interesting exercise Jose, but it too see that difference in
> scoring you have to make some big assumptions:
> 1) You would need a continuous 48 hour long pile up.
> 2) Nobody would ever miss your call, if you did send it, because other
> people were sending "?" or "CL?" or yelling "What the H#$% is your call!"
> over the top of you when you did finally ID.
> 3) Everyone would patiently wait to hear your call, to the detriment of
> their own scores.
> 4) Nobody would deliberately dupe you just to get your call out of you.
> 5) Nobody would ever post your call wrong on Packet.
> You have to say something to let the world know that you're done with your
> last QSO and are ready for the next one, so why not use your call like 
> ZD8Z
> does?
> 73 Steve K0SR
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