[CQ-Contest] Need an address to mail a beverage transformer

dennis o'connor k8do at mailblocks.com
Thu Jan 20 07:20:29 EST 2005

Recently on one of the contesting.com lists, a canadian ham posted a 
request for information on making a beverage transformer... I dropped 
him an email and promised to wind and send him one..  This morning at 
3AM I suddenly bolted straight up in bed, realizing I had totally 
forgotten... I could give a bunch of excuses as to how busy I am at the 
office, etc., but the bottom line is that i promised and then didn't 
carry through <jeez>...  Anyway, I got up and rushed out to the shop 
(11F and really dark outside) and rounded up the materials and made up 
a transformer and box... When I got to the office this morning I went 
to my email box to get his address for the box so I can rush to the 
post office - and sure enough I cannot find his email to me with the 

So, if it is not too late, and you  are reading this, please email your 
address again, and sorry about the total screw up on my end...

Denny - k8do

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