[CQ-Contest] Alpha

W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Thu Jan 20 15:33:58 EST 2005

I have had a number of inquiries about the Alpha amp reflector being
down and what is going on.  I replied personally to all of the direct
inquiries, and I posted a note to the amps reflector when the question
was posed there.  In the mean time I have talked with Molly and
she was thankful that I had said something.  I guess they are having
a bit of trouble with getting their new web site up and running.
Partly because of the other changes going on with Alpha.

There is a transition period going on right now at Alpha that I think
will be better for everyone in the long run.  Just that it is a bit crazy
there now.  I have been gone for almost five years now but I still
have a lot riding on the success of the company since I own four
Alpha amps.

Here is the note I sent to the amps reflector and I hope the new
web site will be up and running soon so Gordon and Molly can
make some sort of statement about the change.

73  --  John  W0UN

>Alpha's web site seems to be down for the past several days.  Anyone have a
>better link that works?
Alpha is undergoing some changes that should be good for Alpha and
for their customers.  Everything will stay the same as far as I know,
same people, same location, same phone.  But the web site is being
changed and the links are not set up to do that automatically yet.

Short version is that Alpha will be run by hams and for hams without
the "overhead" of a parent company.  I hope Gordon and Molly will
make some sort of formal announcement soon.

In the mean time the new web site is   http://www.alpharadioproducts.com/
but the old information has not yet been moved over yet.  So it may be a
few more days before things get back to normal.

I am NOT really in the loop on these changes, so I don't really know all
of the details as far as timing, etc.   And I am not any sort of official
spokesman, just someone with a lot of interest in seeing Alpha continue
to grow.  What I do know for certain is that Dick Ehrhorn and I are both
very supportive of the change of ownership that will mean that Alpha
is owned by hams again.

--John  W0UN

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