[CQ-Contest] Re: SO2R Config Mystery Continues

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Jan 21 20:39:13 EST 2005


Tnx again to all who responded.  The SO2R Config Mystery has been 
(partially) solved...at least now knowing one reason why I've been running 
around in circles here (Tnx to Jim, N3BB & others).

Most of you SO2R folks use FT-1000's which have a separate "Band Data" port 
in addition to an RS-232 connection.  What a piece of configuration cake 
for the DXD-Band Decoder-Dunestar line up, but not so with Kenwoods 
;-(   Unless, of course, you have a desktop computer with THREE parallel 
ports available.  This doesn't solve the notebook computer use config 

In addition to most new notebooks on the market no longer having any 
parallel, serial or PS/2 ports, it appears "one" PCMCIA card slot instead 
of two is the new industry "standard" ;-(   Otherwise, I might be able ... 
no, I still couldn't end up with 3 serial ports and 3 parallel ports via 
PCMCIA without having some serious IRQ conflicts....I don't think.

Not wanting to toss in the towel here yet, a new possibility has come to 
mind for any guru-computer techies to comment on.  I can get a 4-SERIAL 
port 1/2 size PCI card to slip into a notebook docking station.  Is there 
any way to "creatively" substitute computer serial port connectivity for 
parallel ports to drive the Band Decoders?

Another question is: could a "Y" connector be used off the Kenwood RS-232 
serial ports...one side split off to the computer/software, and the other 
side somehow interfaced with the Band Decoder...like, via some kind of 
"Magical Adaptor" involved?


Tnx & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

Cc: Rich, Ron & Paul  (per request) 

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