[CQ-Contest] Synthesizer Opinions...

K6VVA dx35 at hilding.com
Sun Jan 23 18:32:00 EST 2005

Gerry, W1VE wrote:

 > Last weekend during NAQP SSB, I deceided to whip together a voice keyer
 > using a very-high-quality voice font. I ran the whole contest without 
lifting the microphone.

I'm soooooo thrilled you posted this, Gerry, 'cuz  this subject turns me on 
like you wouldn't believe!!!

By "voice font" ... something commercially available?  Please 
tell-tell-tell :-)  This could possibly eliminate the monster pre-recording 
of thousands of callsigns on my "To Do" list !!!

 > Here's what it sounded like: http://www.w1ve.com/NAQP_Synth_fun_w1ve.mp3
 > Do you think the quality is good enough?

Personally, I dug it, but wonder if you can change the existing voice fonts 
speeds without a change in pitch/tonality as can be done with hi-end 
digital recording studio equipment?  Having a "fast" and a "slower" version 
would have great utility at times, IMHO.  Especially, when working the 
"casual" ops in SS :-)  Can you fine-tune the spacing (if desired) between 
the characters...using blank.wav or space.wav files?

 > BTW, my best rate was about 75/hr using the synthesizer.   It would be
 > interesting to try it using high power and a good antenna system to see how
 > it impacted rate.

My 1st hour in the Phone SS was 86/hr using only pre-recorded 
alpha/numeric.wav files for callsigns...and not fine-tuned.  The SS 
exchange was much longer plus a serial number, and a crappy QTH/setup.  But 
I firmly believe that this new Frontier of automated voice in Contesting 
*IS* the future (especially for OF's who can't squawk the full hours in a 
contest anymore without problems).  My personal opinion is that rates of 
300+ per hour are possible when things are tweaked (close) to perfection.

It is so exciting to find others like yourself involved in this.  Can't 
wait to hear more details about these voice-fonts, OM!!!

BTW, it was hilarious to hear the one guy say "I can't wait to meet you" 
(in response to your "ROBO" name & delivery :-)

Tnx & 73...

Rick, K6VVA

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