[CQ-Contest] RE: SO2R with KENWOOD Radios +++

VR2BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Sun Jan 23 22:03:52 EST 2005

N4ZR suggested:

>Maybe it is time for the Windows logging software people and the SO2R
>hardware people to get together and agree on a standard way of performing
>"traditional" SO2R LPT port functions via USB (A/B switching, PTT, CW and
>band data, at least), so that everyone could work to a common interface.

With the need for A/B, CW & PTT, you need one more outgoing line
than is available with RS-232.  Handling of the latter two have become
standardized on what used to be a standard port, with the former
standardized on what also used to be a standard port.  Unfortunately
with USB, we still have one too many lines for standard adaptors for
these types of ports & will need something custom.

KE1FO noted one problem with USB (in his experience using the W5XD

>In my experience, it has to be on a "real" serial port.  When using
>the keyer via a usb/serial adapter the A/B switching response time is
>VERY slow - about 1 second.

This is probably the biggest problem with USB.  We need ports that can
be wiggled like the ones we are currently using.  Few applications need
to wiggle them like we do & things are evolving because of this.  Even
standard ports are behaving differently with new OSs (I hate waiting for
XP to get around to putting data on the printer port, as I have to help
QSLs through my printer so things don't jam).

I thought I had avoided the situation K6VVA is in by insisting to a BV
friend that he had to sell me his recent vintage whizbang ThinkPad (1.6
GHz P3, all the wireless bits, USB, 1394, parallel & _two_ serial ports)
when he outgrew it, but he forgot.

I don't write kernel code for fun whilst sitting in boring meetings &
most here probably don't, either so unlike my ex-M$ mate, I would
expect such a laptop to be more than adequate for any of us & being
IBM, should be able to kept going for a few years to come. When I'm
working again, this is one of the first things I will be buying.

Sadly, nobody has binned one of those puny pizza box computers,
but I am slowly building a collection of early Pentium ATX mother
boards, memory & CPUs from stuff found in rubbish tips.  These
almost always have two serial ports & sound.  Some still have an ISA
slot for a DVP card.  A small case & an LCD display isn't too much to
drag around if you don't have to fly.

73, VR2BrettGraham

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